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Peace Officer Training Project

The Greater Metro Training Region was created by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Office (POST) for the purpose of distributing funding to provide training to Colorado peace officers through awards from POST to the fiscal agent of the Greater Metro Training Region Governing Committee. POST funding was created under the authority of SB 03-103 and defined in C.R.S., 24-31-303 (2)(b) & (3), C.R.S. 24031-310 and C.R.S. 42-3-304 (24).


Law enforcement personnel from agencies within the Greater Metro P.O.S.T. Training Region are eligible to participate in this training project. Funding for this project began with a 14-month grant cycle of the 2003-2005 FY.

The purpose of the Greater Metro Training Region (GMTR) Governance Committee is to coordinate and facilitate law enforcement training on behalf of peace officers that serve Clear Creek, Gilpin, Broomfield, Adams, Jefferson, Denver, Arapahoe, Elbert and Lincoln counties.

The Greater Metro Training Region Governing Committee

The Greater Metro Training Region Governing Committee (GMR) consists of nine committee members of law enforcement organizations within the Greater Metro Training Region. The Governing Committee is responsible for establishing the budget and preparing the grant application that is submitted on an annual basis each March.

The Governing Committee will disseminate grant funds to law enforcement agencies within Greater Metro Region in accordance with grant rules and specifications and GMR’s procedures.

The Governing Committee Distributes POST Grant Funds in a Number of Ways to Support Training Within the Region:

  • Provide high demand training at no charge.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities for officers who want to attend out of region and/or out of state training.
  • Provide financial assistance to purchase training equipment (e.g. FATS machine or AirSoft System) for use throughout the region.

The Fiscal Agent

The Fiscal Agent works very closely with the Governing Committee to manage the finances of the region and pay invoices and scholarships as well as provide financial reports for review at the monthly board meetings.

GMR’s Governance Committee