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Interview and Interrogation Techniques for Investigators and Patrol Officers (Arapahoe County)

Course Objectives:
This course is designed for new investigators and patrol officers. The course provides a basic foundation of information and knowledge on the basic tools and skills necessary for interview and interrogation techniques.
Best Practices – Miranda, case law, and documenting interviews.
Profile of a Successful Interviewer – Basic skills needed for an interview and interrogation. Posture, eye contact, tone of voice, and building rapport.
Interview preparation – Room setting, case preparation, and background investigation.
The Interview Process – Question formulation, the don’ts of interviewing, telephone interviews, the cognitive interview, memory retrieval techniques, and corroboration process.
Behavioral Symptom Analysis – Physiological and psychological principles of behavior symptom analysis, and distinguishing deceptive response.
Behavioral Analysis Interview – A questioning process to elicit verbal and non-verbal indicators of truthful and deceptive responses.
The Interrogation Process – Interrogation theme, handling denials, signs of surrender, alternatives, and false confessions.

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Oct 09 2018 - Oct 11 2018


Day 3 is a half day
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office
13101 East Broncos Parkway, Englewood, CO, United States


Greater Metro Training Region Coordinator
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