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Understanding and Responding to Sex Offenders

Understanding and Responding to Sex Offenders is an intensive and interactive, day-long presentation designed to give law enforcement officers a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and etiology of sexual offending, particularly against children. A variety of topics including, but not limited to, the development of pedophilic arousal and pro-offending attitudes, the true rate of sexual crimes occurring in our communities, along with the low rates of reporting, arrest and conviction will be reviewed. Also, participants will have a glimpse into the likelihood and explanation for what is commonly referred to as “cross-over” or “crime switching behavior” among sex offenders. The speaker will also provide a more in-depth review of common grooming strategies used by child molesters. Lastly, participants will review several studies that focused on enhancing interview strategies with sex offenders and have an opportunity to observe video clips of multiple offenders discussing all of the above.

Please see attached flyer: Understanding and Responding to Sex Offenders Flyer

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Apr 24 2018


08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Lakewood Police Department
445 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226


Greater Metro Training Region Coordinator
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