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Scholarship Funds

Scholarships through the Greater Metro Training Region (GMR) are available for any peace officer in the GMR region. A scholarship is financial assistance provided to a student to cover the cost of attending training within the Region, outside of the Region or out of State. Scholarships are provided on a reimbursement basis only and can cover all or part of the requested cost for a peace officer to attend a class, workshop or training conference. Common requests include; tuition, travel costs, lodging and per diem, as well as backfill.

Before Training

At least 30 and no more than 60 days prior to the training start date the attendee/agency must complete and submit a Scholarship Application Form. The application should be printed, completed in its entirety, including supervisor approval, and submitted to, along with all of the required documentation. Requests with missing or incomplete information will not be reviewed by the GMR Committee for consideration and will be returned to the requesting agency to supply missing or incomplete information and will require resubmission via the website.

Scholarships are generally reviewed by the GMR Governing Committee on a monthly basis. However, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis should the need arise.

NOTE: All fees to be included in the scholarship payment must be requested at the time of initial application. Scholarships can be granted in whole or in part and the contact person noted on the application will be notified of the disposition of the scholarship once the Committee has made a determination.

After Training

Within 30 days of completion of the training, the officer/agency that was awarded scholarship funds must submit al required cost documentation to the GMR Training Coordinator. Failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship award; one courtesy email will be sent to the contact person identified on the Scholarship Request form.

Examples of appropriate cost documentation include:

  • Course registration/tuition- registration form, proof of payment and training announcement that documents cost of tuition
  • Itemized lodging receipt
  • Per-diem (daily amount not to exceed the current Federal per-diem rates for the area in which the training was held)
  • Mileage for personal vehicle(s)- map including beginning and ending address
  • Parking costs
  • Airline ticket receipt- including dates traveled

For further information or questions, please contact the GMR Training Coordinator.